lectures (2004-2007)

Lectures for students of BA Interactive Media and BSc Multimedia at the School of Social Sciences, Cultural and Media Studies, University of East London (UEL):

A Short History of Visual Representation

  Lecture slides (PDF; 624KB) 

Interface Design in the Context of Visual Culture

  Lecture slides (PDF; 2.5MB) 

Introduction to New Media in Everyday Life

  Lecture slides (PDF; 1.9MB) 

New Media Journalism

  Lecture slides (PDF; 896KB) 

Managing the Creative Process

  Lecture slides (PDF; 448KB) 
  Bibliography (PDF; 48KB) 

Managing Internet Search Engines

  Bibliography (PDF; 36KB) 

Creating Multimedia

  Lecture slides (PDF; 520KB) 
  Bibliography (PDF; 52KB)